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Address: Arlington, TX Mileage: 252
Body Style: Motorcycle Primary Color: Red Metallic
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Red Metallic,1975 RUPP CENTAUREXTRAORDINARILY COMPLETEHIGHLY OPTIONED, TRUNK RACK EXCELLENT CONDITION ORIGINAL REAR TIRES ORIGINAL KEY CHAIN ORIGINAL OWNERS MANUAL EXTRA DRIVE BELTSEXCELLENT CONDITION IT IS READY TO GO CLEAN TITLE The History Of The Rupp Centaur The History of The Rupp Centaur is quite extensive and the history of this machine as told by me is the information I have been told over an 8 year period. If there are is any part of this history that is not true as to what you have been told and can verifiy that information please email me and I will be sure to change it as I am not the know all see all of the Rupp Centaur. Thanks and I hope that this info helps in some way to clarify the many emails I have gotten reguarding this machine.Click on the Thumnail Pics. to see a larger view of the pic.Rupp was an American company that was operated out of Mansfield, Ohio and owned by a Mr. Mick Rupp. The company started in early 1970 or 1971. They produced a multitude of machines including Snowmobiles such as the Nitro and Magnum, also Dirt Bikes like the Enduro. They also made a variety of Mini Bikes including the Scrambler, Roadster and the Black Widow. Also Produced was a Go-Kart. And as far as I know some of the first off road ATV's. These would be the Four wheeler named the Go-Jo and the Rupp Rat, which was a 3 wheeler that was only produced in 1974 and very rare to be found today.The Rupp Centaur was only produced in 1974 and 1975. They were only molded in four colors, Blue, Red, Yellow and White. There were as I have been told four differant body styles made, however I have only seen two. They would be the 1 seater and the 2 seater and have not seen a variation as to how they appear in either of the two years. The bodies were constructed of fiberglass and were very flexible. Over the years though, the flexing created stress cracks. For the most part they can be and the majority of the time will be located on both sides of the rear fenders.Inside the body, was a two piece plastic instrument panel. The first piece housed the Speedometer and Tachometer along with Idiot Lights that indicated Right or Left turns, Headlight High Beam and Neutral Indicator for the Transmission. Also was the Engine Choke and Electric Key Ignition. The second piece covered the gear shifter and emergency brake levers. It was also equiped with full leather interior. There were approximately 1200 produced between the two years in production. In order to find out what year and number your Centaur is you need to locate the Vin number. The Vin number is located on the left side and is stamped on the steering limiter tab. If the first 2 numbers read 47, you own a 1974, if the first two numbers read 57 then you own a 1975. The following numbers after that will tell you what number it is in that year. Such as mine, I own a 1974 and my Vin number reads 470056. this indicates that it is a 1974 (47) and is the 56th made in that year (0056). There
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